2 comments on “Farewell to Secure Online Account Numbers

  1. I agree and I like the method too much to change the way I do online purchases. That means using virtual numbers from my Mastercard instead of using my Discover card. I liked that Discover allowed the virtual account number to be used for years. My Mastercard only allows the virtual number to be used for about 2 months. So generally each virtual number is used for only a single purchase. Both cards restrict the use of these numbers to one merchant. I know that the risk of fraud is low and that the card companies will reimburse charges that are made fraudulently on your account, but why not add one more layer of security? For me it’s a better way so it’s back to the Mastercard. Thanks for your blog entry. Ben

    • So far I haven’t seen the feature offered on my Mastercard (or Visa for that matter), but I’ll be taking another look for it. The first couple of years I used the Discover feature I thought they were one-time numbers, so I kept recreating them for every transaction, even at the same merchant. It wasn’t until I talked to the account reps during the fraud resolution that I learned they were valid until the same expiration date as the card.

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